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"Thank you for all your help on my case and may god bless you! Once again, thank you" -



To whom it may concern,

,I am writing this letter to give my appreciation to the hard work and effort given in my case by Mr. Michael Souccar. Given my circumstances I have never been more gratefull and thankful to know that someone is working hard for me so that I may learn from these mistakes and continue to grow strong for my family. I would highly recommend Mr. Souccar to anyone who is struggling with a DUI or any case thereof.

Thank you,

Steve Murillo

Michael Souccar,

Words cannot begin to explain what Michael has done for myself and my family. I was arrested on 1 felony count of conspiracy, 1 felony count of possession of dangerous drugs for sale and 1 felony count of money laundering while being on probation.  From day one Michael was assertive. He visited me in jail and I could tell from that initial conversation that he meant business.  His aggressiveness was displayed throughout my entire case as I watched him battle in court for me and not except any plea the Prosecution wanted to throw my way. His in depth investigation into my case brought out facts that worked in my favor and got my charges reduced to a class 6 felony a and then he got the charges dismissed completely!!! As far as my original probation, he had it reduced to an even lesser probtion that I was previously on and I did not have to start my probation over. Michael did not only impress me with my cases but I also referred him 2 other clients and he delivered stellar results in their cases as well. Michael is a very special Attorney and person. Michael I speak highly of you because you are proven. My family and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts. May God watch over you and your family.




Dear  Mr. Souccar,
When I received my DUI charge last year I thought my God I'm so in trouble knowing I have had prior problems with the law. When I first consulted you I was thinking I would do jail time more than 1 day based upon my past record. You actually surprised me when you said you would try to get me out of the situation. Most attorneys would go for a deal and move on. I was in such relief when you came back a few weeks later telling me the police were not moving forward with the case. Then almost a year later I believe the state picks it up, not sure. Anyway many things had changed in my life at that point. I was in shock and fear expecting the worse since I knew what was in my blood that day. Again you surprised me telling me based on the facts you were going for a dismissal. Whats even more surprising I didn't go to court one time! Any way I have had attorney's before, but nothing like you. Your hard work and perseverance and through knowledge of the laws has pretty much blown me away. You accomplished a miracle I never expected. Really I didn't think it wouldn't happen. A "Full Dismissal". I feel so blessed today no suspension, no jail, no fines. I don't know how you did it but you did and my family and I are ever so grateful.
Thank You So Very Much


We appreciate so much for your help and the many occasions you took time from your extremely busy schedule to work on my son's case. May God bless and sustain you for the very challenging work you do


K and C.A


I want to express my gratitude and thanks for all skill and knowledge as an attorney in my case.
Again thank you very much! My thoughts and prayers are with you and that God keep blessing your career, home and personal life.

Your friend,


Dear Mr. Souccar,

For the last five months my life has been in turmoil. I was arrested on a Grand Jury warrant charged with six serious felonies and one misdemeanor charges. Consider the fact that I have never been arrested and it was very traumatic for me...You are a hard working man and you know your job well...I want to thank you very much for representing me and working with the Prosecuting Attorney's Office in getting my charges dismissed. Now I can put this behind me and move on and know that God is always in control.

God Bless you very much,

Alex Wion


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