Arizona has some of the most strict penalties for DUI and DWI offenses in the country. Ensuring that you have an experienced DUI attorney at your side is critical to preventing or minimizing high fines, fees, and jail time. Spending time in jail for any drunk driving or driving under the influence offense is mandatory in the state of Arizona, and the length of time spent in jail will depend on the severity of your case.      More >>

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The National Trial Lawyers The National Trial Lawyers Attorney Michael Souccar was recently selected as one of the top 100 trial lawyers by the National Trial Lawyers. He was also chosen as a Top 40 Under 40 attorney.
What do police officers look for when searching for drunk drivers on the highways?

If I'm stopped by a police officer and he asks me if I've been drinking, what should I say?

Do I have a right to an attorney when I'm stopped by an officer and asked to take a field sobriety test?
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Armed Robbery - Class 2 Felony (Dangerous)
Armed Robbery - Class 2 Felony
Posession or Use of Dangerous Drug - Class 4 Felony. Possession or Use of Drug Paraphernalia - Class 6 Felony
Marijuana - possess for sale and dangerous drug - poss/use

"Michael - As you can imagine the 18th was a very difficult day for us, but all else aside we want you to know that we appreciate all the time and effort you put forth to get Tyler's sentence reduced." - Bill & Ratana

"Thank you for all your help on my case and may god bless you! Once again, thank you"- Pearl

Michael, I want to express my gratitude and thanks for all skill and knowledge as an attorney in my case. Again thank you very much! My thoughts and prayers are with you and that God keep blessing your career, home and personal life.
Your friend, R.E

For the last five months my life has been in turmoil. I was arrested on a Grand Jury warrant charged with six serious felonies and one misdemeanor charges. Consider the fact that I have never been arrested and it was very traumatic for me...You are a hard working man and you know your job well...I want to thank you very much for representing me and working with the Prosecuting Attorney's Office in getting my charges dismissed. Now I can put this behind me and move on and know that God is always in control. God Bless you very much, Alex Wion

About Attorney Michael Souccar

If you are accused of a DUI or criminal charge, it is important to have an experienced, seasoned lawyer who will provide you with quality legal representation. I have the knowledge and skills to defend you successfully, and I will aggressively fight to get you the best possible results.

I have defended hundreds of persons accused of crimes in Arizona including, DUI, Extreme DUI, Aggravated DUI, Aggravated Assault,Vehicular Homicide, Theft, Forgery, Domestic Violence, Armed Robbery, Drug Offenses, Theft of Means and Manslaughter.     More >>


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